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Are You A Sexy?

Note: there is a difference between sexiness and vanity. So BE HONEST.

1. Do members of the opposite sex generally say that
A) you are sexy
B) you are not sexy
C) Other.

2. Do members of the SAME sex generally say that
A) you are sexy, or
B ) they would definitely not want to sleep with you?
C) Other.

3. When you get your prom pictures, do your friends
A) take it upon themselves to submit the photos to various teen magazines because of your intense sexiness, or
B) vomit
C) Other.

4. Girls: when strutting along the beach in your hot new bikini, do guys
A) have to run quickly into the water up to about waist level, where they wave and grin sheepishly, or
B) call out: "thar she blows!"
C) Other.

5. Guys: when strutting along the beach in your hot new swim trunks, do girls
A) battle for your attention, eventually stripping down entirely and throwing themselves at your feet, or
B) call out: "Something.....has.....survived!"
C) Other.

6. In your room, do you need
A) a full-length mirror, or
B) a full-width mirror
C) Other.

7. Do your friends
A) frequently tell you that you should become a magazine model, or
B) not exist
C) Other.

8. At the movies, are you often mistaken for?
A) a movie star, or
B) a poster for Jurassic Park 3
C) Other.

9. Which of the following best describes your parents:
A ) Marylin Monroe and Tom Cruise, or
B) two endangered animals you do not know the name of.
C) Other.

10. Do
A) plastic surgeons scare you, or
B) you scare plastic surgeons?
C) Other.